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project examples

west gate redevelopment options

rutland, vermont

Working in close collaboration with a local property owner, the Better Future Alliance helped develop a series of redevelopment options examining ways in which a critical downtown area or Rutland, Vermont might be re-energized.  The Alliance examined development strategies that focused on a number of under-performing properties in the downtown area.  Capitalizing on a renewed interest in the downtown and a commitment by the City and local business people to envision the area not as it is but as what it might become in the future.

In addition to aesthetic upgrades and the creation of new public spaces in the district, the Alliance aimed at putting "feet in the street" by proposing changes that would transform a blighted area of the community that formed a barrier between neighborhoods and the downtown into a vibrant mixed-use district that enhanced the west entrance to the City.

The Lakes region facility adaptive re-use study

laconia, new hampshire

For a number of years both the City of Laconia and State of New Hampshire have been seeking an appropriate re-use for the Lakes Region Facility (LRF).  Considerable work has been completed to document site issues and constraints but many questions have remained about the ultimate end-use for the property.  This report summarizes the potential futures of the site and the results of a community prioritization session that shaped the direction of this report.

Incorporating all of the prior efforts into the team's thinking and particularly the input received at the community prioritization session, the study recommends a multi-faceted solution that preserves the majority of open space on the LRF site and provides options for the primary concentration of buildings centered on the former state prison buildings.  It is a transformative plan that benefits the surrounding communities by creating economic opportunity while also preserving regional character.

Downtown Redevelopment options

Derry, new hampshire

The Better Future Alliance helped to develop a series of design options that examine ways in which a critical downtown area might be redeveloped.  The Alliance looked at opportunities that would result in a more dynamic, livable community center by creating a catalyst for future economic development.  The plans detailed options that would enhance community gathering area with the creation of a central square, a merchant's row and the redevelopment of the abandoned railway as a linear arrangement of stalls for a farmer's market.  In addition to aesthetic upgrades and the creation of public spaces the team looked at opportunities to increase the capacity of parking in the area and various options to adaptively reuse existing buildings as well as identifying sites for new construction.